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Ludmila worked on major motion pictures early in her career, and she went on to create… More about Ludmila Zeman. About Gilgamesh the King Gilgamesh, half-god and half-man, in his loneliness and isolation becomes a cruel tyrant over the citizens of Uruk. Also in The Gilgamesh Trilogy. Also by Ludmila Zeman.

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Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Who needs to learn how to live righteously? Who is strong and powerful? Who has been remembered from the past? Who will be remembered in the future? Who is the best friend? Contrast God's attributes and Gilgamesh's. Does God need friends? Is God bitter and cruel like Gilgamesh? Does God need to learn lessons like Gilgamesh?

What aspects of the story agree with the Bible? Enkidu is made from the clay of the earth just like Adam in Genesis 2, etc. My students were fascinated with all three books and eager to look at and read them. Excellent addition to our home library. Aug 31, Ruth rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an amazing retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh for children.

The illustrations are beautiful. This was my first exposure to this 4, year old story. This book and the two sequels are not to be missed if you are studying ancient history with your children. There are some scary images in the books, however my girls, aged 6 and 4, took them in stride. Third to fourth grade reading level, but recommended for ages 5 and up. I don't recall ever reading this story about Gilgamesh, but then it's been years since I've read the entire epic.

I liked the way Zeman told the story and especially the way she drew the illustrations in the style of ancient Mesopotamian art. A beautiful version of the classic legend for kids.

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Sep 17, Realini rated it really liked it Shelves: This note refers to an adaptation for the BBC. It is a rather strange vision, which sounds like a musical. I guess there would be two ways to look at this - First, taking into account the ancient nature of the work and the fact that Gilgamesh seems to have existed outside the realm of fiction If this route is taken, we are dealing with something extraordinary. The critics and scholars have looked at the origin and the documents and found that a real king existed. Gilgamesh, the fictional character has borrowed from the real leader, perhaps all of the details, with few exceptions.

Other personages from the narrative have been established as real men and women. Nevertheless, the story has been transmitted in oral form and then translated, with possible embellishments. As it is, Gilgamesh is the first Ubermensch, a hero of fabulous proportions that has inspired countless figures. He is not just valiant and powerful, but has an exceptional mind that helps him think about the meaning of life and death. The gods are angry with him, on account of what they perceive as his arrogant attitude and they send him a test.

The challenge is to face a powerful enemy called Enkidu I love this name, as well as another from this terrific narrative: And then they become friends and they fight with others. Gilgamesh and other best books can be found here: Mar 24, J. I thought this was a really neat book. The writing was beautiful in its simplicity, and the author did a fine job telling the first part of the Epic of Gilgamesh in a way that would be understandable and appropriate for children.

Having read the full version of this story myself in my humanities class in college, I can tell you that condensing it down into a children's storybook if even just the first part is no easy feat.

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However, Ludmila Zeman did a fantastic job. Zeman's illustrations were a I thought this was a really neat book. Zeman's illustrations were also very impressive they reminded me somewhat of Maurice Sendak's work. The drawings were very detailed and beautiful, and I especially loved the intricate patterns on the pillars in the temple, the tower on Gilgamesh's wall, Gilgamesh's throne, and around the borders of the illustrations themselves.

Other drawings, as well, had a lot of very nice touches, including the giant lamassus, Gilgamesh's platform boat, and what looks like Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar's Ishtar Gate. These touches gave this story a wonderful sense of beauty and authenticity. Of course, my favorite illustration and I know children who read this book will agree was probably the one of Enkidu stealing the hunter's chariot and using it to rescue the animals the hunter was going after.

The lion waving to the abandoned hunter from the back of the chariot while the hunter races to catch his stolen ride is priceless! I highly recommend this book to parents or teachers seeking a great way to introduce one of mankind's oldest stories to children.

I also think it could foster an interest in ancient history, art, and literature. I personally will be recommending this book to my sixth graders who are currently learning about ancient civilizations in social studies, and I myself look forward to reading the next two parts of Zeman's Gilgamesh storybook trilogy in the near future. Perhaps one day she could do storybooks based on The Odyssey or Beowulf as well. I'll definitely keep a hopeful eye out for them.

Jul 05, Lorelei Westbrook rated it really liked it Shelves: Traditional Literature Estimate of age level of interest: Grades Estimate of reading level: Grade 4 Brief description: A retelling of the first recorded ancient Mesopotamian story, the epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh, part-man and part-god, battles Enkidu, the wild lover of animals from the forest. Saved by Enkidu, Gilgamesh learns about the power of human connection.

Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book: The first characteristic of this book is the use of easy-to-follow plot. Zeman retells the complicated epic of Gilgamesh in straightforward, simple language. The plot follows the basic structure of exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution. Readers will think about important themes of friendship, forgiveness, and compassion, an important characteristic of traditional literature. Another characteristic is the use of illustrations to develop the themes.

The ancient world is depicted more so through the illustrations than the text. In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience?: It may be used as an opportunity to rewrite the epic with more vivid language with older children. Excellent as a read aloud for younger children or for older children studying the ancient world. Links to published reviews from professional sources e.

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List of multiple reviews at this link: Jun 05, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: We totally loved this trilogy. My kids spent hours looking at the pictures and asking me to re-read them.

Granted, it's a violent story so some of you may not want to read it to begin with. But it's handled really nicely and isn't all gory and gross while still retaining the original themes. I do believe this is the one where "they explore the ways of love together".

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My kids didn't even catch that so I didn't dwell on it. It may become an issue worth discussing when they're older. The art is done i We totally loved this trilogy. The art is done in the style of what has been found during that time which was another way to learn about the time period. Hopefully when they're older they will better understand the classic works because they are already familiar with the characters and plots. Jan 16, Shannon rated it it was amazing Shelves: We still own and refer to this trilogy from time-to-time. We first used this with our oldest son when he was in 1st Grade.

It's a perfect introduction to the story of Gilgamesh. The Gilgamesh epic is one of the world's oldest and most important legends. Gilgamesh is a terrible tyrant. When he orders his subjects to build a great wall, the exhausted people are in despair.

Gilgamesh the King

But the evil king meets the "uncivilized" Enkidu, and learns lessons of friendship and true h But the evil king meets the "uncivilized" Enkidu, and learns lessons of friendship and true humanity that will change him forever. The story of Gilgamesh was first carved onto clay tablets in Mesopotamia. Its message of compassion, forgiveness, and friendship has echoed through the ages from its origins over 5, years ago. Oct 08, Trace rated it really liked it Shelves: Luke really, really took a liking to this trilogy. Imagine, one of the most ancient stories of the world, and it still captures the hearts and imaginations of children today.

The illustrations in this book are FANtastic! When Luke saw the picture of the Ishtar Gate can't remember which of the 3 books that it was in , he literally RAN to our bookshelf, pulled down one of our history encyclopedia's and showed me a picture of Babylon and the Ishtar Gate!

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The author really adapted this story nicely Luke really, really took a liking to this trilogy. The author really adapted this story nicely for children. Its been a week since we read this trilogy for the first time, and Luke is still busy drawing pictures of Gilgamesh and Enkidu! Luke and I both agreed that this book was a 4.

Jan 02, Ron rated it really liked it. Having read "The Epic of Gilgamesh" numerous times, it was nice to read the first of three books primarily published for a younger audience. Nicely illustrated by Ludmila Zeman, I am glad to have this trilogy in my personal library. Certainly, many of the details are glossed over, but that is the point. One thing I would debate is the Goodreads blurb about this trilogy. It says that Gilgamesh is one-half god and one-half human. The actual epic tells us that Gilgamesh is two-thirds god and one-th Having read "The Epic of Gilgamesh" numerous times, it was nice to read the first of three books primarily published for a younger audience.

The actual epic tells us that Gilgamesh is two-thirds god and one-third human. Zeman's narrative states that he is "part god and part man. This is the first book in the Gilgamesh Trilogy. We read all three picture books as part of our lesson on Ancient Babylon and Ancient Mesopotamia. My kids were fascinated by the stories and the illustrations. We would definitely recommend reading all three books in the trilogy and lingering over all of the interesting and detailed illustrations that tell an additional story about living in the times of ancient Mesopotamia. Note things like the architecture, Shamhat's lyre as well as Enkidu and G This is the first book in the Gilgamesh Trilogy.

Note things like the architecture, Shamhat's lyre as well as Enkidu and Gilgamesh's long straws as they share a large jar of beer found in final illustration of this book. Dec 15, Teri rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a story that was written in Cuneiform in Mesopotamia and is one of the earliest known works of literature. My girls LOVED reading this picture book version when we were studying Mesopotamia and chose it at bedtime over and over. We practiced writing Cuneiform in clay and they really got it when I explained that we have this story today because someone wrote the story down, in clay, in Cuneiform.

We were all a little blown away whe we realized we were reading one of the very oldest storie This is a story that was written in Cuneiform in Mesopotamia and is one of the earliest known works of literature. We were all a little blown away whe we realized we were reading one of the very oldest stories in the world.