Guide Presentations Beyond PowerPoint®: A Step-by-Step Guide for Business and Science

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Sadly, their presentation builder feels like a limited version of PowerPoint, with less features, limited fonts and very little customization options. Check it out is easy, just visit your Google Drive. You can find a more detailed review here. Presentation Maker is a popular Google Play application to build decks on your mobile phone.

More and more of the services we use on a daily basis migrate to the Cloud and presentations are not exception. There are a number of advantages when hosting a presentation on the web, from worldwide access to tracking capabilities. Slidebean is by far positioning itself as the best online presentation tool. With an innovative approach to inputting content, dozens of content templates and carefully crafted slide design, it takes just minutes to find out how efficient their approach is and how good your slides could look.

Slidebean lets you add the content, and automatically converts formats it into beautifully designed slides, so creating slides takes just a fraction of the time. You can sign up to Slidebean Free here: Formerly slides dot io and slid dot es, they finally settled for slides dot com.

Best PowerPoint Alternatives (Death by Power Point)

Still, their pre-defined formats and their grid system help guide you to a better result. The platform also allows for custom HTML and CSS coding, which lets experienced users with coding skills, customize their templates even further. Some more info about them here. Prezi has been around for years and they have had a huge head start compared to any other online presentation tool out there.

Their unique zoom styling makes it immediately obvious to the audience that they are looking at a Prezi deck. Prezi has the advantage of allowing you to create really stunning presentations if you know how to leverage their zoomable, infinite canvas. However, this can become a double edge sword if users overuse the feature and come up with a presentation that is literally capable of making people dizzy.

This is a huge company that is not going away anytime soon. More information about them here.

Free PowerPoint templates for business

Emaze is an Israeli company that was also one of the first players in online presentation software. Their branding and website image is bold and it grabs your attention quickly and some of their presentation templates are truly remarkable technical achievements. On the downside, their interface does require some learning curve and some of their slide templates end up being a bit over the top. Swipe is a web presentation builder that works on Markdown, the popular web syntax. Their interface is super slick and they offer unique interactivity options, such as polls and surveys.

The needs of presentation tools used in worship services are very particular. From the need to prepare lyrics to quickly importing Bible quotes, the tools used in churches must allow everyone from pastors to volunteers to collaborate, and should deliver results that help engage the church audience, from to attendees. Proclaim is by far the best church presentation builder out there.

They offer an easy to use interface, truly beautiful pre-designed elements for your slides and fantastic integrations like their on-screen bible, which lets you pull verse into a slide just by typing it. Additionally, they offer a remote app that you can use when presenting lyrics.

62 Free PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Life Easier

You can find out more about them here: From playing DVDs to touchscreen functionality, they go far beyond the classic PowerPoint functionality to become a complete suite to enhance worship in your church. The following tools have a clear focus on design, they aid the user in creating beautiful slides and ensures that the final result is a professional, visual presentation. Slidebean has a strong focus on the design. Their concept is simple: You can watch a quick video of how Slidebean works here: It lets you create anything from print design to banners and presentations. They provide an easy to use interface with a huge selection of pre-built designs that you can modify to your liking.

These pre-built elements let you quickly draft a nice presentation even if you have no design skills, but it does require you to drag and drop and arrange the content of your slide, which can become time consuming. Canva has been gaining significant popularity in the last few months, especially after they hired Guy Kawasaki as a Chief Evangelist. Their platform is beautiful, you can find more about them here: If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand images, quite literally as a matter of fact. This has created an increasing need to create video-presentations, otherwise known as explainer videos, that used to provide a quick, minute explanation of a concept, an idea or a company.

Traditionally, creating videos is a hard and very manual process that only trained professionals can manage; nevertheless, some companies have been working on making this process simpler and available to broader audiences. Creating a high quality video presentation will often require a LOT of time.

9 Presentation Tools to Engage Your Audience

The following list is in no particular preference order, the tool that works for you will really be defined by your needs and how savvy you are dealing with similar tools. Wideo is by far our favorite online video builder. The guys from Wideo have built a truly solid product that will work for both beginner and intermediate motion graphic productions. Balancing between ease of use and customization is a touch process. While Wideo favors usability, these products move to the other extreme and let you build pretty much anything you can think of. After Effects and Flash are, however, professional tools.

Animoto is a popular video creation tool which basically takes photos, videos and a song of your choice and turns them into a niece looking video, similar to what Slidebean does with presentation design. Their templates look pretty good and if you had to create a video similar to theirs from scratch, it could take hours of days if you used more traditional tools, so big kudos for their approach. Powtoon provides a hybrid approach between presentations and videos with a clear focus in toon-styled animations, which are definitely eye catching.

They provide you with a white canvas where you can import pre-animated elements to make up your video. Startups have a regular need to create investor pitch decks, or to prepare demo day presentations. Creating a powerful deck is a delicate science that we've talked about before What should be in a pitch deck?

Pitch deck examples from successful startups.

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  • About That Night (FBI/US Attorney Book 3).
  • Why There Are Waves On The Sea (The Why Series Book 2);

Investors are used to evaluating startups using this format of slides, and some tools have done the task of implementing their practices into their software. More importantly, the ability to track presentation stats and find out if an investor saw through the whole presentation is significantly important for founders, because it can give them an inside track on their real interest in the company.

The following presentation tools are advertised as startup-focused, helping founders take their minds off the tedious part of building an investor deck, and allowing them to focus on what matters most: As illustrated in the diagram above, the Central Executive coordinates the work of three systems by organizing the information we hear, see, and store into working memory. The Phonological Loop deals with any auditory information.

Students in a classroom are potentially listening to a variety of things: The Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad deals with information we see.

This involves such aspects as form, color, size, space between objects, and their movement. For students this would include: The Episodic Buffer integrates the information across these sensory domains and communicates with long-term memory. They discovered the following:. Solving the PowerPoint Predicament: Tufte, Graphics Pr, This cactus template is perfect for botany students and businesses making presentations about the desert or the American southwest.

Its cool, pleasing colors also make an interesting backdrop. The fiery reds and deep orange colors give off a completely different vibe than those cactus designs but deliver the same high impact. This light and airy cloud background template is perfect for science presentations, nature conservation groups, and businesses related to sleep, weather, and so much more. And with the blue and white color scheme, your presentation will look as crisp as the skyscrapers in the background.

If the blue and white colors in that cityscape template are a little bland for your liking, consider using this bright sunflower one instead. This fisherman PowerPoint template uses the same strategy as the sunflower one: The next group of templates uses modern designs, many of which are illustrated, to give a polished and sophisticated feel to your presentations. For readers with data-heavy presentations, this Thaliard PowerPoint template is for you.

This fun and feminine PowerPoint template balances a handwritten-style font with a light and airy color palette in millennial pink to create a classically beautiful design for the modern gal. This brush strokes PowerPoint template features an abstract design in hues of pink, purple and blue.

Similar to the above but using a cool color palette of seafoam greens and blues, this brush strokes template is sure to make a statement. This eye-catching template features a modern, flat design of rolling hills and trees. Use it as the backdrop of your next environmentally friendly presentation. A twist on the above template, this dark-themed nature template gives you a muted, classic option if you prefer something less bright. This template is not for the shy or timid since it will get your presentation noticed.

With bright, vibrant pinks, oranges, and greens, your intel is sure to stand out. And if the bright colors in the previous template are too much for you, this template may be a better option. With its soft yellow color and its use of retro shapes in vintage colors, you wind up with a light, fun presentation suitable for most applications.

Design Workflow Layout, Annual Report, Business slide in Microsoft Office PowerPoint PPT

This gold sparkle PowerPoint template is great for creating a simple design that focuses on your information. Since the background is a dark navy color, the white text will pop and be clearer to see. This free template by Daniela Trony features a blue gradient theme throughout, with plenty of opportunities to display your Instagram worthy photos.

This template is perfect for presentations where you want your images to speak more than words. This beautiful island destination template will help your audience imagine a relaxing time on a tropical island.

Use it for presentations on your resort, destination weddings, and travel services. This sweet hare background is great for both springtime presentations and animal or outdoor related ones. For beach and underwater-themed presentations, or if you just prefer sea turtles over land animals, this free template featuring bright turquoise colors is sure to please any crowd. Not only is the image of the horse striking, but so is the background. The mood is festive and fun during the Christmas and holiday season so your presentations should be too.

So add these next two free PowerPoint templates to your wish list. Spread some holiday cheer with this photo card template. Add your own image and customize the greeting, then send it to friends and family.